The Sacred Blacksmith


Wooh!!!Luke IS ON FIRE!Well his katana is XDDD.So that WHOOLLEE thing with Lisa and what not was how he forges a sword?Wow that’s pretty damn cool.






Whoa…that was random……but funny xDD


Don’t worry Luke, face pain usually goes away quick in anime series xDDD.


Little’ loli also enjoyed the action too XDDD.



WTF was that 0-0,  wow The Devil’s Contract seems harsh, well since it’s the devils contract after all xDDD


Hmmm I thought Luke would just keep rejecting Cecily, until it was the right moment to give her a forged sword, well I guess episode 2 is the right moment xP.


Anyone else notice, that something’s  wrong with Luke’s eyes?


Oh wait, fooled again, Cecily has to pay to get the sword.Wonder how’s she going to get the money….


So here’s the other character from the ending and opening Aria.Cecily has to protect her on a special mission, hmm since she’s was an “item to protect”, she might be a sword.Like the opening showed us.Soul Eater much xD.


So this episode was interesting, due to the fact with the CecilyxLuke shipping xDDD, and that we had our new character introduced at the end of the episode.The one thing that makes me curious is why Luke’s eyes seem different, no ideas up to mind yet, but something interesting should happen.

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Staring off with the opening, “JUSTICE of LIGHT” by Mayumi Gojo, sounds ok this opening sorta reminds me of Nabari no Ou for some reason, 0-0.


The story begins (Sorta) with our herione,a young female knight, named Ceily Cambell,  (seiyuu played be Ayumi Fujimura, btw~also plays Tobiume on Bleach =D, and on another note, she really likes to say her name a lot…) and she’s sorta of like the guard that walks around town protecting everybody, patrol officer xP.


Next we have this random Knight (apparently) that is destroying random shizz around himself.


Next Cecily comes in and tries to save the day, and starts fighting the other knight, but suddenly…..


OMG… the sword breaks!That must’ve been a really old sword to just split in too like that.Well I guess it would’ve have broken any time soon, since it’s the family sword.I was actually expecting Cecily to do some cool moves with her sword, but reminding myself, she’s only been a Knight for a month.


As Cecily breaks down and stares at her sword in an awe, she is totally defenseless that her weapon is broken. Just like a damsel in distress xD.


Our prince, Luke Skywalker xD comes and saves the day(Already has Shipping with Cecily and Luke <3).Woooh!Ok so we have Luke the awesome swordsmen, who has Katana! in the old ages xDD, and he’s bishie ❤


Fan service shot!XDD


Here we have the loli sidekick of Luke, Lisa!Lisa has really sharp ears, like Link and Zelda from Legend of Zelda xD.


Lol, look at her body?Lisa and Luke got the wrong interpertation of Cecily’s little speech XD.On another note I wonder how they forge swords?It seems really out of place to me, I’m not sure, but it’s probably cause I’ve never seen swords cut other swords that much anymore.


So we got the trio, so far ,and they find an Akuma lurking and killing some knights, the firs thing that came into my mind when they say akuma, D.GRAY MAN.But theses akuma look more mosterious, while the one’s in D.Gray man actually have feelings, well not sure what to call it, but moving on!xD


Wow this seen was really cool, with Lisa bringing out a magic circle and all. Maybe that’s why she’s the sidekick character.It’s cool to see Luke have a flaming sword, remind’s me of Shakugan no Shana.

“Miracle Happy Day ” by Aki Toyosaki

Cute ending!Vocals are nice too, since it’s Aki Toyosaki after all.I’m awaiting to see that other character in the ending.

Overall, this seems like a pretty awesome show, I expect to see more of what is to come .On another note the voice acting was pretty good too Ayumi Fujimura I think is pretty convicing, and so is Nobuhiko Okamoto (plays Musashi in SC!), and Lisa sounds like any other loli would be (another side note, She also play’s Suu from SC!, and Yui from K-on.).This is on my watchlist ^_^

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