Shugo Chara! Party


XDDDD.Just had to post this.MOVING ON!

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“Hide and Go Seek” and “Hide and Go Seek Continuted”

Lol that was funny xDDD.Miki it’s just a dream XD.Basically The trio was playing hide and seek, and Miki was it and she had a hard time finding Suu, cause there were 3 of her xDDD.Ok so Miki has 2 dreams that if you water Suu she multiplys lol.When shw woke up again it began to rain, and you know what that means!Many and many Suus! xDDD



FAIL XDD, Nice try Rikka, but it isn’t going to work, since you need to actually have an chara to do that.


Ok so Rikka is picking up random X Eggs that are out in the open?I know you don’t want the X eggs to be abandon by there owner, but they have to be purified.


Waiiiii!!!!Hikaru-kun!!!!!!He makes school sound scientifi xDDD


Rima is always right =D.


There thinking, thinking, thinking,……………approved!xDDD




Nagi is pro at basketball xDD


Ok, now that Hikaru is a guradian apprentice, and Rikka knows about it now, they’re probably going to say yes xDDD.


End of episode, well now that Hikaru is in the new series, I’m bound to watch it, just to see how he does.For Rikka >>>>>.>>>>>, like I said hand over all those X eggs to Amu and crew and purify them, seriously…



I skipped the beginning part, since it was just Shugo Chara Egg people talking and stuff, but anyway the opening is catchy, it’s called Party Time, by Guardians 4.


“Hi, I’m the random high pitch narrator that was just added a few moments ago!”

Lol they didn’t actually say that xD, but anyway you probably guessed, that narrator was random 0.o



So basically this is a short about them making poses for Puchi Puchi!I’ve got to admit that was kinda cute, espically with Dia coming and bringing the rest of the charas to reality, saying that we’re watching them.DUDE Nick Jr. show much?btw~Sorry about the random order xP.


“Dia and the flower”

Sorry I should have add more images, but anyway Dia finds a flower on the floor, and picks it up, and puts it on her shirt.They don’t notice her flower and she goes off somewhere, Miki, Ran, and Suu go give the flower to her, and Miki got an artistic idea and puts the flower in her hair. They put too many flowers in her hair, and Dia gets angry, and END.

That was cute~I’ve never seen Dia angry before, since she’s always the calmest out of Amu’s Charas.


A new character, well let’s see what happens now….


Random Shugo Chara amv? >>>>>.>>>>> , with a bunch of screenshots, that I’m too lazy to post XD


Taking your chara’s for a walk Amu?


Who said bishie’s were the only ones to have sparkles XDDD


Meet Hiiragi Rikka, a second grader who just transferred to Seiyo Elementary School, and she can see charas.She doesn’t listen to important things, that people tell her, unless it’s interesting lol.She seems like an intersting character, wonder what role should she play during the series, and btw~I should have posted this, but during the Random SC! amv, they showed Hikaru in an seiyo uniform =O. On another note, I love her hair! I wish I can get my hair to stand up like that =P.



Lol what are they going to do, *cough*BRING BACK KAIRI*COUGH*



I swear the guardians are like the new dream team xDD. “Saving little childrens lives everywhere, anywhere”


Ok so she can talk to X eggs?And I thought this ending was weird I mean Tadase and Amu told her to call them if she see’s any X eggs,but she’s like talking to them like her friends, it’s almost like repeating Ikuto’s little sleepovers at Amu’s house xD


That’s so mean to leave your other member out like that.But I find that funny there have an Amulet Diamond audition, let’s she which little asia kid gets in this gig.

Nice ending, by the lovely Buono!It’s like peppy vs. punk xD. It’s called Bravo!Bravo! .

To wrap up my thoughts, the live action parts are the parts that drag me off, I mean it’s sort of annoying to me. I hope they don’t do any live action character transformations or anything, but I like the little shorts though they’re cute.But I mostly we’ll be focused on the actually Shugo Chara! episodes and such.I’ll probably still watch the nest episode.