Yo what’s up world xD,anyway this blog is for anime blogging (obviously) xD.I’m going to start bloggin on the new anime series and or the currently running series too. It says hanahime123 up there as my name (I think), but just call me Suuri Sakamoto, my deviantart name xD.Yes I have a deviantart. Anyway I’ll blog about mangas too ^.^. Anyway (XP proabably getting sick of this), I was inspired by a lot of anime bloggers, like Metanorn, ek-sen’trik, and THATanime blog, so I wanted to express my feelings about anime like them too. HopefullyI can get get anime images XDDDD…..anyways….I’m still a noob, but…

Hope we can get along!


Since I’m a noob, I do not know how to put spoilers, or make my page shorter, sorry about that!


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