Moving right along with the opening. “Snow Fairy” by FUNKIST, so it seems alright, I mean it almost reminds me of a One Piece opening, but this is Fairy Tail after all.I think it’s okies, the song was nice, peaceful actually.But Fairy Tail should have gotten a different opening, it just doesn’t fit.


Lol Natsu xD, that guy must be thinking WTF!xDDDD.Happy’s so cute~


OMG it’s Lucy!!!She really sounds like Misa though >.>, but I guess that’s expected, since it’s Aya Hirano after all XP.Now when I thinki about Lucy, looks sorta like Misa too XDDD.


Lol, it looks really funny how Lucy’s trying to be seductive in the anime than the manga.xD


Lucy looks more like WTF, than dokidoki xDDDD.


Lol the hearts just broke from her eyes XDDD.


DAMN FANGIRLS! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF NATSU!!>=(, ok on another noter, Natsu sounds really hawt, I mean his voice sounds really hawt to me, I thought he come out sounded something like Black Star from Soul Eater xDD.But Dang fangirls are deadly0.o, but I’m one too XDDD



Natsu & Happy: *Continues eating*


Awww chibi Natsu is sooooooo KAWAII!!!<3<3<3<3<3


Luv these two ❤


Yeah you don’t go hitting on Lucy, she’s too mighty fierce for your kind xD.


So close, yet thats a mighty fail Natsu XD.


Aquarius is mighty fierce as well, and that whoole scene with Lucy doing her magic key thing, reminding me of Kingdom Hearts when Sora like summons a beast lol.Aquarius is BADASS!


Hmmm Natsu looks better eating fire in the manga >.>, but it still looks BADASS and how everyone is like WTF is this guy!!!!XD


Lol, I know I skipped that WHOLE badass battle scene with Natsu, but need to wrap this up.So now Natsu is taking Lucy to Fairy Tail, Ooooh can’t wait for next episode!

Ok this is a little sad, I’ve seen wayyy to many fall anime’s with chibi endings, and this is not cool, I mean seriously.It’s nice that its a Lucy ending, but it’s sorta wierd though.


Well impressions, I like the animation, and the voice acting was good, I really think Natsu sounds reallly HAWT xD.But I would have to say Fail with both opening and ending, I mean it just doesn’t go with Fairy Tail, however, since I’m a Fairy Tail fan, and I’m still reading the manga, might as well watch episode 2, since it introduce the Fairy Tail gang and what not.So for a touch up, I like it but I don’t love it (the anime, Luv the manga though XDD).