WOOOOOHHH!Darker Than Black Season 2!=DDD


I bet I know some people who want to do those charms XDDDD.


Ok right now there are a bunch of stars falling from the sky, which means a bunch of contractors have just died.




So, since this was twoyears ago, I’m guessing all those stars fell when everybody leave Hei from last season.But as Suou says her brother Shion had become a contracter that day.It probably was the reason that he look directly at the metor that just fell down, just a simple guess.


Wooh!It’s April xD.Anyway I find it funny how she’s talking to the bar tendor about smoking, and how it’s bad for you, maybe a reference to November 11th?


Ooooooh mysterious new character?August 7th “The Magician” maybe a replacement partner for November 11th.


Here’s Suou years later, and that is a good damn camera xD.Too bad I have Canon xDDD


So this kid Nika is giving a confesstion to Suou’s friend Tanya, Nika seems in luck, since Tanya looks like she has feelings for him xD.Anime Love gotta love it <3, even if some anime OTPs are annoying xD.


Did Suou just take a picture of Nika confessing?Wow it’s like a high school drama, the next thing you know it’ll be a scandal and some person finds out and tries to get them sperated XDDD.I expect her to fall down and Tanya and Nika would be like WTF!!!!


Lol you gotta love energetic boys, espically if they can do flips xDDDD.



Well Suou did fall from the tree, but she’s friends with Tanya so it’s ok, and it’s all good fun , no high schoool scandal here xDDD



Ohhh it’s Shion!I love how you get into his room, I wish my doors could be like that xD.Anyway does Shion stay at home all day, and since he’s a contractor now, he has no feelings, but for some reason he really doesn’t act like a contractor.


Well I guess Suou’s father just wants to protect her from Shion, since he’s a contractor now..>.>


Oh No!!!!!Tanya’s a contractor!!!!I can tell with that glare in her eyes.Wonder how this happened though, I mean she was just all love-dovey yesterday with Nika and what not.


Now everybody’s going after the new contractor >.> better just turn back now.



Wooooahhh Bug attack!Suck’s for Nika who had no idea what was coming.


Wait Suou’s friends know what a contractor is?!?!?!


Tanya’s going to the military?I guess she’s one of there tools now.


I feel bad for Suou I mean for a two reasons.

1.People are invading her house, and she has no idea where her family is.

2.One of her friends just turned into a contractor.

Sucks not having to know what’s going on, but is Shion’s power like talking to people far away (idk if it has name), sorta reminds of Hibki from Fairy Tail, and 001 from Cyborg 009


I knew that Bella sounded familiar it’s April!XD


So Shion tells Suou to change, and carry this necklace with her.For some reason I feel like this is like a necklace to keep track of where Suou is, instead of the “I’ll be with you forever” necklace.


Another new character, who eats burgers for a remuneration xDDD


Ooooh a contractor a the speed of light!


Poor burger dude died, ok I don’t get it what just happened?April just made it rain right?Hmmm maybe water got in his eye and he tripped into the gun?Probably not XDD



Hei finally shows up and takes on April, and a star falls.




Anddd April dies, wonder why Hei wants Shion though, maybe he holds another special power of a contractor.

“From Dusk Till Dawn” Abingdon Boys School

Only the ending in this episode huh?So the ending song seems pretty nice, and since I like Abingdon Boys School, its an A.But the ending seems quite boring, but I like that part at the ending with the flowers from Tsukiakari.




A contractor ninja?!?!


A friendly scientist??


Poor Suou T___T


Wow Hei, you need to clean yourself up, but I guess it’s reasonable, since cops in Tokyo knows he’s a contractor, and he didn’t go through Hell’s gate.


Overall, I like the start of the new season, makes me want to know what’s going to happen next.Hope we get to see an opening next week, I want An Cafe T_T.