Sorry for this being so late, I was a bit busy, anyway on with the show!


Now we have a timeskip, to school dtarting again, and Sawako meets the dog!=D


Lol at Sawako here, praying xDDD.And she’s drenched too!


But Kazehaya is too!!!






XDDD, Kazehaya MOAR Blushing =EPICNESS WIN


This scene was cute, Sawako is so sweet~, btw luv Sawako’s hair, i wish my hair could stay like that….



KazehayaxSawako shipping moment!


Kazehaya is such a gentleman, I mean thats was so sweet of him, to want to sit next to Sawako, while everyone else didn’t want to.


Ayano!Luv how she tries to change seats with Ryuu.xD


Now I want some of Sawako’s cookies T_T


Ooooooh it’s Kurumi!



Well next episode is going to start off the rumors, can’t wait to see, but sorta not, cause I don’t want to see Sawako so sad T____T


Well, more drama is gonna come next episode, so can’t wait for that.I’m loving Kimi ni Todoke right now, it has the peaceful feeling, more than any other shoujo anime/manga I’ve seen/watched.btw-Sorry it’s pretty short, but I still need to do other blogs.

Screencaps credit to Komatome Anime Screencaps


Moving right along with the opening. “Snow Fairy” by FUNKIST, so it seems alright, I mean it almost reminds me of a One Piece opening, but this is Fairy Tail after all.I think it’s okies, the song was nice, peaceful actually.But Fairy Tail should have gotten a different opening, it just doesn’t fit.


Lol Natsu xD, that guy must be thinking WTF!xDDDD.Happy’s so cute~


OMG it’s Lucy!!!She really sounds like Misa though >.>, but I guess that’s expected, since it’s Aya Hirano after all XP.Now when I thinki about Lucy, looks sorta like Misa too XDDD.


Lol, it looks really funny how Lucy’s trying to be seductive in the anime than the manga.xD


Lucy looks more like WTF, than dokidoki xDDDD.


Lol the hearts just broke from her eyes XDDD.


DAMN FANGIRLS! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF NATSU!!>=(, ok on another noter, Natsu sounds really hawt, I mean his voice sounds really hawt to me, I thought he come out sounded something like Black Star from Soul Eater xDD.But Dang fangirls are deadly0.o, but I’m one too XDDD



Natsu & Happy: *Continues eating*


Awww chibi Natsu is sooooooo KAWAII!!!<3<3<3<3<3


Luv these two ❤


Yeah you don’t go hitting on Lucy, she’s too mighty fierce for your kind xD.


So close, yet thats a mighty fail Natsu XD.


Aquarius is mighty fierce as well, and that whoole scene with Lucy doing her magic key thing, reminding me of Kingdom Hearts when Sora like summons a beast lol.Aquarius is BADASS!


Hmmm Natsu looks better eating fire in the manga >.>, but it still looks BADASS and how everyone is like WTF is this guy!!!!XD


Lol, I know I skipped that WHOLE badass battle scene with Natsu, but need to wrap this up.So now Natsu is taking Lucy to Fairy Tail, Ooooh can’t wait for next episode!

Ok this is a little sad, I’ve seen wayyy to many fall anime’s with chibi endings, and this is not cool, I mean seriously.It’s nice that its a Lucy ending, but it’s sorta wierd though.


Well impressions, I like the animation, and the voice acting was good, I really think Natsu sounds reallly HAWT xD.But I would have to say Fail with both opening and ending, I mean it just doesn’t go with Fairy Tail, however, since I’m a Fairy Tail fan, and I’m still reading the manga, might as well watch episode 2, since it introduce the Fairy Tail gang and what not.So for a touch up, I like it but I don’t love it (the anime, Luv the manga though XDD).


Wooh!!!Luke IS ON FIRE!Well his katana is XDDD.So that WHOOLLEE thing with Lisa and what not was how he forges a sword?Wow that’s pretty damn cool.






Whoa…that was random……but funny xDD


Don’t worry Luke, face pain usually goes away quick in anime series xDDD.


Little’ loli also enjoyed the action too XDDD.



WTF was that 0-0,  wow The Devil’s Contract seems harsh, well since it’s the devils contract after all xDDD


Hmmm I thought Luke would just keep rejecting Cecily, until it was the right moment to give her a forged sword, well I guess episode 2 is the right moment xP.


Anyone else notice, that something’s  wrong with Luke’s eyes?


Oh wait, fooled again, Cecily has to pay to get the sword.Wonder how’s she going to get the money….


So here’s the other character from the ending and opening Aria.Cecily has to protect her on a special mission, hmm since she’s was an “item to protect”, she might be a sword.Like the opening showed us.Soul Eater much xD.


So this episode was interesting, due to the fact with the CecilyxLuke shipping xDDD, and that we had our new character introduced at the end of the episode.The one thing that makes me curious is why Luke’s eyes seem different, no ideas up to mind yet, but something interesting should happen.

Screencaps belong to Komatome Anime Screencaps.


XDDDD.Just had to post this.MOVING ON!

Hide and Go Seekzx-2zxs-2bn-2fdsx-2fgdh-2h-2hju-2


“Hide and Go Seek” and “Hide and Go Seek Continuted”

Lol that was funny xDDD.Miki it’s just a dream XD.Basically The trio was playing hide and seek, and Miki was it and she had a hard time finding Suu, cause there were 3 of her xDDD.Ok so Miki has 2 dreams that if you water Suu she multiplys lol.When shw woke up again it began to rain, and you know what that means!Many and many Suus! xDDD



FAIL XDD, Nice try Rikka, but it isn’t going to work, since you need to actually have an chara to do that.


Ok so Rikka is picking up random X Eggs that are out in the open?I know you don’t want the X eggs to be abandon by there owner, but they have to be purified.


Waiiiii!!!!Hikaru-kun!!!!!!He makes school sound scientifi xDDD


Rima is always right =D.


There thinking, thinking, thinking,……………approved!xDDD




Nagi is pro at basketball xDD


Ok, now that Hikaru is a guradian apprentice, and Rikka knows about it now, they’re probably going to say yes xDDD.


End of episode, well now that Hikaru is in the new series, I’m bound to watch it, just to see how he does.For Rikka >>>>>.>>>>>, like I said hand over all those X eggs to Amu and crew and purify them, seriously…


WOOOOOHHH!Darker Than Black Season 2!=DDD


I bet I know some people who want to do those charms XDDDD.


Ok right now there are a bunch of stars falling from the sky, which means a bunch of contractors have just died.




So, since this was twoyears ago, I’m guessing all those stars fell when everybody leave Hei from last season.But as Suou says her brother Shion had become a contracter that day.It probably was the reason that he look directly at the metor that just fell down, just a simple guess.


Wooh!It’s April xD.Anyway I find it funny how she’s talking to the bar tendor about smoking, and how it’s bad for you, maybe a reference to November 11th?


Ooooooh mysterious new character?August 7th “The Magician” maybe a replacement partner for November 11th.


Here’s Suou years later, and that is a good damn camera xD.Too bad I have Canon xDDD


So this kid Nika is giving a confesstion to Suou’s friend Tanya, Nika seems in luck, since Tanya looks like she has feelings for him xD.Anime Love gotta love it <3, even if some anime OTPs are annoying xD.


Did Suou just take a picture of Nika confessing?Wow it’s like a high school drama, the next thing you know it’ll be a scandal and some person finds out and tries to get them sperated XDDD.I expect her to fall down and Tanya and Nika would be like WTF!!!!


Lol you gotta love energetic boys, espically if they can do flips xDDDD.



Well Suou did fall from the tree, but she’s friends with Tanya so it’s ok, and it’s all good fun , no high schoool scandal here xDDD



Ohhh it’s Shion!I love how you get into his room, I wish my doors could be like that xD.Anyway does Shion stay at home all day, and since he’s a contractor now, he has no feelings, but for some reason he really doesn’t act like a contractor.


Well I guess Suou’s father just wants to protect her from Shion, since he’s a contractor now..>.>


Oh No!!!!!Tanya’s a contractor!!!!I can tell with that glare in her eyes.Wonder how this happened though, I mean she was just all love-dovey yesterday with Nika and what not.


Now everybody’s going after the new contractor >.> better just turn back now.



Wooooahhh Bug attack!Suck’s for Nika who had no idea what was coming.


Wait Suou’s friends know what a contractor is?!?!?!


Tanya’s going to the military?I guess she’s one of there tools now.


I feel bad for Suou I mean for a two reasons.

1.People are invading her house, and she has no idea where her family is.

2.One of her friends just turned into a contractor.

Sucks not having to know what’s going on, but is Shion’s power like talking to people far away (idk if it has name), sorta reminds of Hibki from Fairy Tail, and 001 from Cyborg 009


I knew that Bella sounded familiar it’s April!XD


So Shion tells Suou to change, and carry this necklace with her.For some reason I feel like this is like a necklace to keep track of where Suou is, instead of the “I’ll be with you forever” necklace.


Another new character, who eats burgers for a remuneration xDDD


Ooooh a contractor a the speed of light!


Poor burger dude died, ok I don’t get it what just happened?April just made it rain right?Hmmm maybe water got in his eye and he tripped into the gun?Probably not XDD



Hei finally shows up and takes on April, and a star falls.




Anddd April dies, wonder why Hei wants Shion though, maybe he holds another special power of a contractor.

“From Dusk Till Dawn” Abingdon Boys School

Only the ending in this episode huh?So the ending song seems pretty nice, and since I like Abingdon Boys School, its an A.But the ending seems quite boring, but I like that part at the ending with the flowers from Tsukiakari.




A contractor ninja?!?!


A friendly scientist??


Poor Suou T___T


Wow Hei, you need to clean yourself up, but I guess it’s reasonable, since cops in Tokyo knows he’s a contractor, and he didn’t go through Hell’s gate.


Overall, I like the start of the new season, makes me want to know what’s going to happen next.Hope we get to see an opening next week, I want An Cafe T_T.

Staring off with the opening, “JUSTICE of LIGHT” by Mayumi Gojo, sounds ok this opening sorta reminds me of Nabari no Ou for some reason, 0-0.


The story begins (Sorta) with our herione,a young female knight, named Ceily Cambell,  (seiyuu played be Ayumi Fujimura, btw~also plays Tobiume on Bleach =D, and on another note, she really likes to say her name a lot…) and she’s sorta of like the guard that walks around town protecting everybody, patrol officer xP.


Next we have this random Knight (apparently) that is destroying random shizz around himself.


Next Cecily comes in and tries to save the day, and starts fighting the other knight, but suddenly…..


OMG… the sword breaks!That must’ve been a really old sword to just split in too like that.Well I guess it would’ve have broken any time soon, since it’s the family sword.I was actually expecting Cecily to do some cool moves with her sword, but reminding myself, she’s only been a Knight for a month.


As Cecily breaks down and stares at her sword in an awe, she is totally defenseless that her weapon is broken. Just like a damsel in distress xD.


Our prince, Luke Skywalker xD comes and saves the day(Already has Shipping with Cecily and Luke <3).Woooh!Ok so we have Luke the awesome swordsmen, who has Katana! in the old ages xDD, and he’s bishie ❤


Fan service shot!XDD


Here we have the loli sidekick of Luke, Lisa!Lisa has really sharp ears, like Link and Zelda from Legend of Zelda xD.


Lol, look at her body?Lisa and Luke got the wrong interpertation of Cecily’s little speech XD.On another note I wonder how they forge swords?It seems really out of place to me, I’m not sure, but it’s probably cause I’ve never seen swords cut other swords that much anymore.


So we got the trio, so far ,and they find an Akuma lurking and killing some knights, the firs thing that came into my mind when they say akuma, D.GRAY MAN.But theses akuma look more mosterious, while the one’s in D.Gray man actually have feelings, well not sure what to call it, but moving on!xD


Wow this seen was really cool, with Lisa bringing out a magic circle and all. Maybe that’s why she’s the sidekick character.It’s cool to see Luke have a flaming sword, remind’s me of Shakugan no Shana.

“Miracle Happy Day ” by Aki Toyosaki

Cute ending!Vocals are nice too, since it’s Aki Toyosaki after all.I’m awaiting to see that other character in the ending.

Overall, this seems like a pretty awesome show, I expect to see more of what is to come .On another note the voice acting was pretty good too Ayumi Fujimura I think is pretty convicing, and so is Nobuhiko Okamoto (plays Musashi in SC!), and Lisa sounds like any other loli would be (another side note, She also play’s Suu from SC!, and Yui from K-on.).This is on my watchlist ^_^

Screencaps @ Komatome


I like the opening, use of colors really makes it pretty.”Kimi ni Todoke” by Tanizawa Tomofumi, .btw~Sawako looks soo pretty =DDD



Here we have Sawako, who looks like Sadako from The Ring, so it’s really hard for her to make friends. Dude come on, I bet almost every asian in the real world looks like Sawako, long hair and pale skin LOL.I feel so sorry for her T__T.Anyway Mamiko Noto did such a good job as Sawako, she sounds really in character =D


=DDD, Thats cute x)


OMG it’s Kazehaya xD, with sparkles too. Kazehaya is Sawako’s idol, with the upbeat and friendly personality, and he’s the only one that actually treats Sawako like a person at school.


Lol Sawako’s so cute, with her little expressions xP.


Sawako is such a good student, doing jobs that no one else wants to do .Reminds me of Kanon from Umi Monogatari



lol this made me crack up, love how Sawako is describing Kazehaya,  epsically when he’s right behind her listening to it all xDD.Sawako is so chibi in this scene too <3.


Kazehaya blushing = 100% win xDDDD


Ayano and Yoshida have EPIC FACES XDD, but this moment right here ill lead up to an everlasting friendship between Sawako ^_^


Awww chibi Sawako is sooo cute, even if she is trying to be scary xDDD


LOL Kazehaya is such a cutie ~


Gosh >.> I can’t believe these classmates, using Sawako as punishment, I wish they would just all treat her like Kazehaya does!Another reason to love Kazehaya ~


It hurts to see Sawako cry like that T_________T


So in this scene Sawako see’s Kazehaya, and he gives her apolgy candy from her classmates.That was nice of them~.Also in this scene Kazehaya says Sawako doesn’t understand him, but he wants more to come <3.


Kazehaya wants his feelings to reach Sawako.Kimi ni Todoke.

I love the ending <3, it’s really cute, love the style of it too.”Kataomoi” by Chara, I’ve never actuall heard of her, but the song fits well with the ending

Basic thoughts, I’m really interested in this show (since I’m reading the manga chapters too), and I want to see how Kazehaya and Sawako’s relationship uprises. I also love the vibe I’m getting from this show, it’s a pleasent feeling xD.Not to mention vocie acting was superberb!I’ll be sticking around with this series ^_^